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Nearshore IT outsourcing: facts and myths

Nearshore IT outsourcing, or simply “nearshoring”, is the practice of handing off parts or entire projects to a third-party provider that, in general, provides: A certain degree of cost savings Time zone proximity Cultural and business practice similarities Whenever you delegate a business need, there are associated factors that come into play. Assuming that finding […]


2013 US mission

If you’re interested in meeting our CEO during the 2013 US mission, please send an email to us-mission(at)


Mobile development: Native vs PhoneGap - Who wins the battle?

A question that arises when a mobile development project starts to be outlined is whether the development should be native for each one of the supported devices, or to use a hybrid platform like PhoneGap. In this article we will explain the differences, not only from a technical perspective but also time and budget-wise. Native […]